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Syrian Export Center /SEC/ is Limited Liability Company (LLC) Commercial Registration No. 16430 dated 23/09/2010. Syrian export center is founded by the effort Of :

SEC is established for the purpose of promoting & exporting distinguished Syrian Origin Products such as :

Food / Sweets / Textile / Detergents / Laurel Soap & Products / Electrical Appliance & Electrical Industries /Agriculture/ Handicraft Industrial/

- Compotes
- All types of Preserves
- Dried Apricot Paste
- jam / all kinds & sizes /
- Tomato Paste
- Pickles
- Mashroom
- Concentrated Juice
- Herbs, Milled & Mixed spices,
- Syrian dairies,
- Tahena & Halawa (sesame),
- Pomegranate Concentrated Juice
- Egg
- All types of Vinegar.
- Olive Oil
- Mixed roasted nuts,
- Frozen vegetables and much more other food and conserves.

Sweets :
- Dried Fruits
- Nogha
- Nawashef Features
- Arabic Sweets Features

Textile :
- Lingerie
- Kids Garments
- Women
- Men
- Socks
- Cotton Underwear


Laurel shampoo and various detergents’ products .


Organic Laurel Soap

- Microwaves
- Electrical ovens
- Washing machines
- Refrigerators
- Mixers
- Vacuum cleaners
- Irons
- Air conditions
- Juice extractor
- Grill
- Fans
- Water dispenser
- Cables
- Transformers


Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables.


Handmade goods and traditional fabrics (MOSAIC & DAMESCO)

Due to extreme export experience, strong connections with best Syrian manufacturers and a very well knowledge with export procedures and formalities SEC is in a solid position to deliver products more efficiently and render customer services more effectively and offers customers tremendous advantages of quality, cost and speed delivery.

We guarantee accurate deliveries and qualities, by implementing our own quality inspection during production and prior to shipment in order to eliminate mistakes or failure of shipping.

We meet our customer’s expectations with superior products, customer service and industry knowledge that includes the requirements & specification of international standards.

We would like to mention that we conduct a regular laboratory test for all food products we adopt, this tests are carried out by most efficient experienced government certified laboratories.

For any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us .


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